Enjoy the DSN Picture Book

It was in 1958 when the Jet Propulsion Laboratory first deployed engineers and equipment around the world to maintain radio contact with spacecraft. Over the years, ever more sophisticated and far reaching space probes have challenged NASA to set up increasingly complex and powerful stations for tracking and communications. Through today's Deep Space Network, we receive incredibly detailed images and data from probes we have sent for studying other planets and open space beyond.

Not only are antennas of the Deep Space Network a tribute to radio science, they are majestic sculptures of metal which reach out with microwaves to touch other worlds. Here is a book of pictures to convey the beauty and power of immense yet precise structures which tower over NASA's three DSN complexes in California, Spain, and Australia.

A fun photobook for your coffee table, featuring the incredible antenna structures of the Deep Space Network:
DSN Picture Book
Paperback Book
DSN Picture Book

Do your copy today - click on the paperback or ebook and enjoy the awesome and beautiful parabolic structures of NASA's Deep Space Network!

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