Skies of the Garden

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Enjoy the favorite photos of an airline pilot who has flown for decades and often brought along a camera for "scenes to keep and share." As much as technology has changed over time, so have the companies and also the world.

Astronaut Alan Bean once said that "Earth is the Garden of Eden, and we are still in it." We are mostly so close and busy as to not appreciate the dynamic and living world we inhabit. Here, the images show beautiful days of crisp, clean air and other days of dust or pollution one can smell and taste.

Sprinkled among the scenes of sky and earth are a few images any pilot who has flown the line will recognize, with a knowing smile.

A photobook portraying scenes from the flight deck as a jetliner pilot roams the world:
Skies of the Garden - Paperback
Paperback Book
Skies of the Garden - Ebook

Get your copy today - click on the paperback or ebook and go on a trip to witness the stunning vistas, bright sun, and churning atmosphere!

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