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If you are interested in installing Linux, or already a user of Linux wanting better knowledge and skills, consider exploring the numerous instructional videos available on YouTube. You may not expect YouTube to carry much content for serious system builders or students preparing for IT certification, but it is there - and available for no cost. You can develop your Linux and code writing powers for free, whether you are just trying your first Ubuntu system or you are an experienced Arch Linux minimalist.

Whether the topic is Linux distributions, new software to use, or hardware reviews, it can be found somewhere on YouTube. Now, forsake those cute cat videos and never ending streams of political debates. Brew a coffee and take an hour or two to understand Bash or Fish shells. Spend a weekend learning how to patch DWM and make your Linux fast and efficient for the tasks you do. Watch and learn how Linux people refine their workflow.

10 Tips for Hardening your Linux Servers
Alacritty A Terminal for Power Users
Alacritty is a Fast GPU Accelerated Terminal
ArcoLinux v21.05 New Features and Updates
Aria2p Download Manger Frontend for Aria2c Daemon
Automate Scraping The Web Using Linux Shell Scripts and Shellnium
Avoid If Satements in Bash Scripts Heres Why
Bash and Linux Terminal for Beginners
Beginner Guide to the Linux Terminal
Best DWM Patches You Need to Use
Damian Conway More Instantly Better Vim
Deepin Linux 20.2 as Big Sur Replacement
Doing Complex Tasks with Linux Terminal Commands
DWM Install on Minimal Version Ubuntu Linux
DWM is So Easy Even a Caveman Could Do It
DWM Suckless Tools and Debloating Your Software
Endeavor OS April 2021 BSPWM
Fedora Silverblue Immutable Linux
Fish Not As Your Default Shell
Five Steps to Secure Linux
From Vim Muggle to Wizard in 10 Easy Steps
FZF as Rofi Dmenu Replacement Launcher
Fzf Can Do Far More Than Just Fuzzy Find Your Files
Fzf Terminal Fuzzy Finder for Linux
Garuda Linux with Stunning Features
Getting Help When You Suck at Linux
Get Your CCNP and CCNA Certifications
How to Do 90 Percent of What Vim Plugins Do With Just Vim
How To Rice Your i3 Desktop 1
How To Rice Your i3 Desktop 2
How To Rice Your i3 Desktop 3
How to Setup Your First Vim Config
i3 Extreme Configuration and Setup
i3 Rice the Config
Install Arch Linux 2021
Kali Linux in Windows 10 WSL2
Linux File System Explained
Linux for Ethical Hackers or Anyone
Linux Mint vs Manjaro Linux
Looking at openSUSE Tumbleweed
Maabox Linux 2104 Interesting Manjaro Respin
Manjaro Linux 21.0 A Brief Look
MX Linux vs SparkyLinux
My Favirite Vim Tricks
Pipewire the Future of Linux
Pop OS vs Manjaro What is the Best Linux Distro
Resetting Arch Linux
Ripgrep is a Replacement for Grep in Linux
Setting up and configuring i3 gaps
Siduction 2021.1.0 Installation in VirtualBox
Siduction Linux 2021 User Friendly Debian Unstable
Siduction Linux and the EFI vs GPT Install Conundrum
SparkyLinux Fast User Friendly and Brilliant
The Linux Find Command
Ubuntu 2104 Hirsute Hippo Review Lacks New Features
Ubuntu with BTRFS and Snapshots
Vim and Vimtutor for Beginners
Vim Tutorial Basic and Intermediate Code Editing
Wayland for Daily Use in Linux
Web Browsing Workflow in Your Linux Terminal

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