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4G Wifi Router Instead of WiFi Extender
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Extend your broadband internet with a 4G wifi router. It works much better than putting up a large antenna or using a wifi extender. The cost is reasonable and a 4G wifi router is very easy to set up. You simply plug in your sim card to get fast mobile data, and the device sets up a WiFi signal for you to connect your devices. It is better than a wifi extender or high gain wifi antenna because:

Clear, strong WiFi. No hassles...

  • No dish; no yagi antenna.
  • Works in the tool shed or in the yard.
  • Emergency or backup broadband internet.
  • 4G wifi routers work in vehicles or on boats.
  • Strong, fast broadband; 300 to 1800 Mbps.
  • 4G wifi routers accept dozens of devices at once.
  • 4G wifi routers are small, lightweight, and portable.
  • Set up or take down in minutes.
  • Plug into AC mains (or get a battery & inverter) for power
  • You need 4G service, which is nearly everywhere...

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