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EnGenius EnStationAC WiFi Bridge
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Wireless bridges extend internet connectivity to places where you cannot run a cable. For example, you connect two buildings on a farm, or two neighboring houses, or two apartments in a neighborhood. It would be great to run a data cable from one point to another, but sometimes you cannot. Sometimes the distance is too far or the route is too complicated for a cable. Instead, connect the points with a wireless bridge. The EnGenius EnStationAC WiFi Bridge is made for such jobs.

Wireless bridges are not simply wifi routers with high gain antennas and high radio power. A wireless bridge transfers data from your home or office internet source to a router, switch, or access point in another location. Thus, you can feed internet connectivity across a road or open land, up a cliff, or to users in a beach house. You do need to securely mount the antennas on both sides and connect the associated power and data cables. Generally, you would run ethernet cable from the wireless bridge to a switch or wifi router indoors for internet service to clients. These would be the people with phones, tablets, computers, or internet-of-things.

Wireless bridges, such as the EnGenius EnStationAC WiFi Bridge, are not able to transfer data with the high bandwidth you would get from an actual fiber optic or cat 6 ethernet cable. The data rate is limited to several hundred megabits per second, but it works and is reliable and effective.

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