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Starting Over, Moving On...

After the takedown of ATA Airlines, we pilots had to go out and find other jobs. This page shows a group of former ATA pilots at a job fair near Chicago O'Hare. Another picture in the gallery depicts a jet engine in the parking lot of North American Airlines. The webmaster went on numerous interviews, and found a job at Viva Macau Airlines. Shown here are various scenes of training and "flying the line." Fate is a funny thing. Almost exactly two years after ATA airlines went out of business, Viva Macau did the same. Once again the webmaster found himself jobless...

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Another note before I conclude this gallery. Losing a job, looking for other work in a flawed industry, and handling life's other pressures can be very stressful. It is not possible to waltz through the experience without experiencing doubts about one's chosen path in life. The experience is also tough on people close to you. If you are in such a situation, and are not sure what to do next, consider visiting with an expert counselor who can help you resume living a good life.

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