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Here is the list of postings I have written which are primarily my viewpoint on issues of the day.

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NEW: Your Last Kick to the Hornets Nest
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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Simply Mass Murder
The Anonymous Cathay Pacific Employee Letter to Hong Kong
E Pluribus Unum: From Many, One, Dammit
The Robert Mueller Iron Triangle Speech
A Rant About One Party Rule
Captains Authority Versus Autocratic Airline Management
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - A Media Circus
Joshua Chamberlain's Leadership Tips
Special Operations Forces Truths
TWA 800: Just Give Me Some Truth
BBC Radio Blooper - Adolf Merckle
TV DXing the World Trade Center
New York TV after 9/11
In Distress, by David Wagoner
Just A Radio Operator, by Robert A. Wallace

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