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Written and curated by Philip Collier / AB9IL. Hey, Trolls: Convicted felon Trump is going to jail; Putin to hell. Say goodbye.
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I am not precisely sure of when I first heard the Nicole Sandler Show. It must have been sometime during the spring or summer of 2021. What I do recall was picking up the stream just in time to hear Nicole in a rant, cursing like a sailor about Florida governor Ron DeSantis ("Ron Death Sentence") in one breath, then talking about music and politics with Howie Klein. She runs a smart show, with a continuous string of interesting people who can inform us about what's going on.

The show is an hour of sanity, as it is one of the most entertaining and also bullshit-free programs running. It is a real person for a host, who brings in real and engaging people. There are plenty of times when there is some disagreement between the guests, Nicole, or the listeners. It can be enlightening to observe the issues being hashed out over the air or in the online chat. (grinning) Sometimes we get some real shit stirred up un chat, but that is mostly a byproduct of bringing together so many people with different experiences in the world.

You can find nearly all of her shows on the Nicole Sandler Show YouTube Channel. Open the "Live" tab and scroll through the recent streams. She has years of content on there, comprised of about 2900 videos. To search for a specific guest or topic, try a search with that name or phrase.

Nicole has a lot of regular expert guests on the show, who cover specific topics such as former president (and future prison inmate) Donald Trump's trials, the Supreme Court, elections, and other noteworthy topics. Here are convenient search links you can use for some of these regular visitors

Here are my top eight favorite Nicole Sandler streams:
Nicole Sandler and Federico Finchelstein talk about populism and Fascism in American politics.
Nicole Sandler and Andra Watkins discuss how Project 2025 will fuck up your life.
Nicole Sandler has a lively discussion with Dayna Steele about sex, politics, rock and roll.
An interview with Nancy Maclaine, explaining how fascist billionaires are destroying democracy.
Discussing Project 2025 Takedown with Tiffany Torres Williams.
Nicole Jamie Raskin visits Arizona; conversation with Hillary Keyes.
An American/Israeli Shares Her Experience on Oct 7. Hamas has the same hate and blood lust as ISIS.
Jeff Charlet, about his upcoming book, "The Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War."

Visit the official Nicole Sandler Website for much more from Nicole. It is packed with years and years of things she has posted, going back decades.

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