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Here is a list of some popular DNS servers that are available for anyone to use. If your internet service provider or government are using local DNS servers to restrict your internet access, change servers! Your computer can be configured to use any desired DNS server, so use ones that are fast and unrestricted. OpenNIC maintains a list of public tier 2 DNS servers which is updated daily. After configuring your computer to use one of the listed DNS servers, do a reboot or clear your DNS cache (removes data from the previously used servers).

Open and Unrestricted DNS Server List:

With so many options for DNS look-up services, one could implement a DNS server rotation or swapping scheme to defeat attempts to restrict internet access. What works best is encrypted DNS (DNS over TLS or DNS over HTTPS). Along with VPN tunnels, open and free DNS servers ensure that any person, anywhere, can freely communicate and access the communications of others on the internet.

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