Podcaster Microphone: Blue Yeti Pro
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As a podcaster, the sound of your voice represents you to the world. Yes, your content matters, but your standards are represented by the quality of your audio. Clear, clean sound invites your listeners to stay and listen to you; tinny, muffled, or distorted sound can annoy your listeners and drive them away. The microphone you select is the first step in presenting your audio persona. Do you want top notch sound for your listeners? Sure, you do! Here is a microphone which will capture your voice in digital HD quality and in the format suitable for modern studio production techniques.

The Blue Yeti Pro microphone is known for its clean sound and excellent build quality. As a podcaster or field recording professional, you will like its broad, flat frequency response and ability to record in cardioid, stereo, and omni directional modes. Listening to a recording made on a Blue Yeti Pro is almost like "being there in person."

An important specification, besides its audio quality is the Blue Yeti Pro output format: up to 24 bit resolution at 192000 samples per second. That is important, as any modern studio will be ready to work with 24/192k audio, and will welcome it as the format coming natively from the microphone. Such digital precision is important for keeping digital processing artifacts to a minimum and having a high quality archive for future use. With 24/192k audio, you can do the noise reduction, EQ, and dynamics processing with confidence that the DSP will not add audible grunge to your music or voice content. Processed audio is then converted by studios to CD quality 16 bit 44.1 ksps or cinematic 16 bit / 48 ksps for the listeners at the end of the signal chain.

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