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What can I say? There are two things I can never resist playing with: kittens and cute speaker microphones. The Line Friends BT21 Baby Bluetooth Speaker Microphone, manufactured by Line Friends Corporation, falls into the latter category. I often go on searches in electronics shops and online to find interesting devices to talk or write about. This time, I got caught up in the cuteness.

The Line Friends BT21 Baby Bluetooth Speaker Microphone is manufactured by Line Friends Corporation. It is the sort of mic you want when it is time to be colorful and let your artsy flag fly! I would call it a party mic, being that it can be set up with any of seven different name tags (durable acrylic). It can both play sound from your bluetooth equipped phone or computer and send audio from the microphone unit.

It is fun to have speaker and microphone functions combined on the device. You can pair with a boombox or amp, or perhaps stream from a multimedia computer and make a karaoke party. Just imagine a scruffy guy like me, holding one of these, tipsy as a sailor on shore, singing "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner". That's enough to bring back Warren Zevon, with a muzzle from the afterlife :-)

If you would like your your own BT21 Baby Bluetooth Speaker Microphone, see some of the specs below and click to shop there for a good deal. Get one while they last and have fun telling tales and singing your songs.

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