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As a podcaster, the sound of your voice represents you to the world. Yes, your content matters, but your standards are represented by the quality of your audio. Clear, clean sound invites your listeners to stay and listen to you; tinny, muffled, or distorted sound can annoy your listeners and drive them away. The microphone you select is the first step in presenting your audio persona. Do you want top notch sound for your listeners? Sure, you do!

The Neuman TLM103, manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH, is known for its clean sound and excellent build quality. It is a modernized descendant of Neuman's classic U87 microphone. As a podcaster or field recording professional, you will like its super low internal noise, broad frequency response, and ability to accurately capture voices and has a cardioid directional pattern. The sound really is clean and natural, capturing the band of audio spectrum suited to the human voice. Sensitivity is slighly higher in the range of upper sibilants (6000 to 15000 hz).

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