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Dateline: December 2022

Peace on Earth and good will towards people. In the spirit of the season, I pushed myself in programming, testing, and fixing errors, in order to offer all of you some beautiful and rock solid Linux to enjoy while you create content, collect data, or break out of the walled gardens set up around you. Go ahead and "bust a move" with'em.

Airband Radio on the RTL-SDR
How to maximize RTL-SDR performance for aeronautical comms.

MOFO Linux and Catbird Linux, for this round of updates, get fresher packages, improvements to i3 window manager, and better functioning in the scripts supporting the distros' respective purposes.

Catbird Linux is all about getting data and doing something with it. It is also a tool for creating code, images, video, and audio content. For those tasks, the various editors have been updated. I have spent a lot of time in the Bash shell and Python REPL making sure those command line interfaces are running nicely.

MOFO Linux is the system I use for breaking out of restricted internet environments. It is frustrating as hell when pages don't load properly or web apps don't work because the regional Big Brother is blocking a source of fonts, or breaking an API on a domain he doesn't like. Using MOFO Linux, I poke for weaknesses and find the circumvention method which works best. Sometimes it is a Wireguard VPN. Sometimes Wireguard is blocked and an SSH tunnel is best. At other times, Lantern or Outline get the job done.

It is a crazy world, and it is not enough to simply be wise enough to know the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). It is essential to use effective tools and multiply your power at scale. Those two Linux systems are there to help.

Skywave Linux is still being worked on, for all of you out there awaiting its special flavor of SDR goodness. It will appear once it it ready. In the mean time, know that Catbird Linux does have the RTL-SDR Linux driver and SDR++ (pronounced "SDR Plus Plus") along with some nifty streaming bookmarks for WebSDR and KiwiSDR sites.

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