SDR School via YouTube

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New Features: Global Quick Tune Internet SDR List Improve Your Radio Knowledge at "YouTube SDR School"

If you are interested in software defined radio and interested in a way to learn its theory and applications, consider exploring the numerous instructional videos available on YouTube. You may not expect YouTube to carry much advanced mathematics, computer code, and theory useful in radio science, but it is there - and available for no cost. There is material pertinent for beginner through advanced levels.

Whether the topic is radio or computer science, mathematics, station building, or hardware reviews, it can be found somewhere on YouTube. Now, forsake those cute cat videos and never ending streams of political debates. Brew a coffee and take an hour or two to understand imaginary numbers. Spend a weekend learning how direct sampling radios are different from others based on QSD circuits.

Updated April 13, 2020: Least Mean Squares, Gradient Descent, Adaptive Filters.

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SDR Technology Applications

Maintaining signal purity with adaptive predistortion.

The Dwingeloo Radio Telescope Converts to SDR Equipment.

Passive radar using SDR devices.

Locating transmitters based on time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA).

SDR Architecture

Sampling continuous time (analog) signals and getting discrete time (digital) signals.

Direct sampling versus quadrature sampling radios.


Michael Ossman explains real versus complex and imaginary numbers and their importance in digital signal processing.

Euhler's formula and complex exponentials mathematics at the heart of signal analysis and processing.

Manipulating complex numbers. Circuits imitate math.

Fourier Series - Circles on circles on circles

The Fourier Transform, discrete (DFT) and fast (FFT).

Least Mean Squares and Gradient Descent

The Cordic Algorithm.

Digital down conversion (DDC) and upconversion (DUC).

DFC (Direct Fourier Conversion)

Filtering signals in the digital domain.

Noise reduction algorithms.

Amplitude modulation and demodulation.

Modulation and demodulation of IQ (complex) signals.

Hardware Demonstrations

Binaural direct conversion receivers, providing a complex baseband signal.

Soft Rock Rigs - "All your QSDs am belong to me."

RTL-SDRs / Airspy / SDRPlay - miniaturised, mass-produced, computer friendly.

Standalone HPSDR on low cost processor hardware.

A description of the LimeSDR.

Things one can do with the PlutoSDR.

THIS is the HackRF SDR.

Misunderstandings and mistruths about SDRs

Bob McGwier, N4HY, discusses software defined radio and the FlexRadio 6700.

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