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Dual frequency listening to the Hurricane Watch Net
14325 and 7268 kHz as Hurricane Ida strikes Louisiana

Bookmarking WebSDRs and KiwiSDRs for versatile
settings and multifrequency monitoring.

How to monitor multiple frequencies
at once on internet KiwiSDRs

SSHUTTLE Encrypted Networking with
Menus from fzf and Rofi | Linux

Wireguard VPN Simplified with
fzf and Rofi | Linux

Skywave Linux 4.1: Bug fixes and
minor tweaks.

Winter Night Propagation: coast to coast
jammers on the 75 meter ham band.

Doomsday Plane Monitoring (HF + ADS-B)
January 7th 2021

Boomer Pervs of 3860 kHz
"Your INCEL Future..."

Skywave Linux 4.0: Programmatic RTL-SDR
frequency calibration and other goodies.

How to make great sounding SDR recordings.
Managing gain and backgroud noise.

Build a wifi yagi antenna for cross
neighborhood or cross town connections.

PK8303: Bad Leadership Kills. CRM and
Threat-Error Management... WTF is that?

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