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Written and curated by Philip Collier / AB9IL. Hey, Trolls: Convicted felon Trump is going to jail; Putin to hell. Say goodbye.
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Enjoy my latest video works, focused on radio, software programming and simple coding, things I have found on the bands, and (of course) some opinion pieces. Watch and listen, friends. I call it (and code it) as I see it.

Airband Radio on the RTL-SDR
How to maximize RTL-SDR performance for aeronautical comms.
Debaters vs Jammers on 3860 kHz
Extremism versus radicalism within the far right hams of 3844 kHz.
Dual KiwiSDR recording of aero and military comms for stereo-like effect.
Ukraine: Evening ADS-B SITREP (NATO watches Putin the war criminal)
Skywave Linux v4.3 Flashback, TwitGrid, Bash coding
Ukraine Mediumwave, ADS-B, and US Military EAM Messages
A full hour of the Firedrake Jammer music sequence, plus a short talk about the jammer and how it is fading into the past.
Dual frequency listening to the Hurricane Watch Net. 14325 and 7268 kHz as Hurricane Ida strikes Louisiana.

Bookmarking WebSDRs and KiwiSDRs for versatile settings and multifrequency monitoring.
How to monitor multiple frequencies at once on internet KiwiSDRs
SSHUTTLE Encrypted Networking with fzf and Rofi menus.
Wireguard VPN Simplified but fast with fzf and Rofi.
Skywave Linux 4.1: Bug fixes and minor tweaks.
Winter Night Propagation: coast to coast jammers on the 75 meter ham band.
Doomsday Plane Monitoring (HF + ADS-B) January 7th 2021
Boomer Pervs of 3860 kHz "Your INCEL Future..."

Skywave Linux v4: Automatic RTL-SDR PPM calibration and other goodies.
How to make great sounding SDR recordings. Managing gain and backgroud noise.
Build a wifi yagi antenna for cross neighborhood or cross town connections.
PK8303: Bad Leadership Kills. CRM and Threat-Error Management... WTF is that?

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