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Who may be interested in SLAX Remix?
- people who are having troubles with compilation of custom-kernel like described in this HOWTO:

- users with hardware not supported or not fully supported by standard Slax-6.1.2 kernel
- power users interested in features of the Linux kernel, more info:

How to get SLAX Remix?
Visit the SLAX Remix download repository or SLAX Remix mirror site

How does SLAX Remix look?

SLAX remix v03, SLAX 2.6.35 kernel upgrade

How to make a live flashdrive version?
Same as in normal Slax: extract content of iso file to your flashdrive and run bootinst.bat or bootinst.sh from /boot folder to make it bootable.

Otherwise, to make a multi-boot flashdrive system, install GRUB and then SLAX as shown on the AB9IL website.

Which modules are included in SLAX Remix?
There are 6 modules:

Why is 006-devel not included?
- mediafire.com gives 200MB as maximum on one file
- Not everyone needs the devel package. If you want it, it is in the repository.

There is a PAE enabled Slax-Remix for computers with 4GB or more RAM!
Download it from the SLAX Remix download repository or SLAX Remix mirror site.

- The PAE iso contains only the modules providing PAE functionality. You must also use modules from the standard remix release in addition to building your own modules for graphics drivers, specialized wireless drivers, or Virtualbox.

Why is the slax-remix iso image bigger than old slax-6.1.2?
Wider explanation can be found here:

How to convert slax-6x modules to the new squashfs4 format which is used in slax-remix?
It\'s very easy now with jayflood\'s module tools! SlaxModooleTools in KMenu under Slax-Extra-Stuff submenu. After conversion you can activate module by double mouse click.

How to remaster remix-lzm (squashfs4) module?
You need to activate squashfs4-tools then copy the module to /root/squashfs4-tools directory and type in console:
/root/squashfs4-tools/unsquashfs your_module.lzm

The content will be unpacked to /root/squashfs4-tools/squashfs-root directory. After making all necessary changes you need to pack it back so:
/root/squashfs4-tools/mksquashfs squashfs-root/ your_module-1-remix.lzm

Changes comparing to slax-remix-v07:

1) New kernel - more info: http://www.h-online.com/open/features/What-s-new-in-Linux-2-6-35-1047707.html

2) kernel config:
- aufs and pcmcia drivers are compiled in (*) - no point to load them at every boot. number of aufs branches reduced to 511.
- enabled devtmpfs - faster booting
- kms on radeon is enabled by default - seems to be mature enough.
- jfs as (*)
- support for usb ATM devices is back (thanks crashman for bug report)
- added support for LSI Logic MegaRaid SAS module (travis request) and Adaptec AIC7902 for Ultra320 SCSI controllers (cch request)
- disabled watchdog drivers (blacklisted in slackware anyway), if you want any of them - let me know.
- disabled all drivers and features marked as DEPRECATED (marked for removal) which has never equivalents (some of them could cause hang during udevadm -trigger stage)

3) Boot folder
- slax.cfg: cmdline row moved one line up - was still conflicting when editing pxeboot option
- initrd: updated busybox to ver 1.17.1 - removed unnecessary applets and added few more useful ones
- updated memorytest86 to latest version (thanks to ebhomepc)
- when copy2ram cheatcode is used root partition will be unmounted like it was before v07 release - needed for fsck
- optimized linuxrc and liblinuxlive for slax-remix needs
- added utf8 string to /usr/share/locale/locale.alias in initrd so users can now use \'locale=utf8\' cheatcode when their system uses UTF-8 encoding.
- added warning about MS filesystems and info about slaxsave.dat container to installation scripts (bootinst.sh, bootinst.bat, liloinst.sh)

Slax folder
- updated /slax/cheatcodes.txt with undocumented cheatcodes and slax-remix specific ones

4) 001-core
- updated to slackware-current
- rebuilded rc.S, rc.M and rc.4 scripts once again so modules containing kernel drivers are depmodded before udevadm operates, lvm2 automount is now aware of noauto i nohd cheatcodes, speedup tweaks etc
- fixed rc.6 script so all devices are unmounted correctly with changes=/slax cheatcode, also all /var/run/.pid files are removed during slax shutdown (beny\'s request)
- output of crond goes is redirected to /dev/null during boot (bour59 request)
- LC_ALL=C is back in /etc/profile.d/lang.sh (thanks to kenney), also locale_id is back if someone doesnt like language-selection-tool
- Slax CD/DVD in automounted in /mnt directory (not all discs - just Slax) (new2slaxuser suggestion)
- enabled fsck for linux partitions (also root partition with copy2ram), if \'fsck\' cheatcode is present - highly recommended
- \'verbose mode on\' for \'dir2lzm\' and \'lzm2dir\' tools (thanks Syntux for bug report)
- /tmp and /var/tmp have writing permissions for normal users again (also Syntux)
- added missing \'pcimodules\' symlink to /mnt/live/bin/pcimodules (missing also in slax-6.1.2)
- moved LST files from /usr/share/doc to /usr/doc as /usr/share/doc symlink was overridden by extra modules very often and caused LST errors, fixed bug with loop on iocharset choice for FAT when multiple matches were found, also typo in /etc/rc.d/rc.font (thanks to Syntux)
- sns-tool: added possibility for using multiple words in password for WPA and WPA2
- updated Remix-FAQ - please read it before asking.
- slax2usb rewrite for slax-remix needs, two new features: possibility of choosing custom primary partition size and fs type for second one
- \'sns-tool\' \'slax2usb\' and \'language-selection-tool\' are launched in xterm not konsole - for compatibility with lxde (thanks Btown)
- red colors changed in all my scripts for lxde compatibility
- updated /lib/firwmawe with packages provided by flux and JMan, also removed some fw files for old cards
- /var/tmp/kdecache-root/ksycoca is removed by rc.slax to fix kde/changes/FAT issue - thanks to BrunDibar
- added tofrodos utility for converting special characters between Unix/Windows systems (thanks Quax)
- added lzm-utils by Falcony - thanks for this useful tool.
- updated squashfs-tools
- removed wpa_gui completely (needs qt4 and is quite useless anyway)
- removed following packages: amp, bind, bpe, bridge-utils, ethtool, iptraf, jasper, lha, netwatch, rdist, tcp_wrappers, tcsh, unarj

5) 002-desktop
- updated to slackware-current
- lxde (preconfigured by me) is bumped to latest version from git - except of lxappearance (Ponce rocks!)
- modified /usr/bin/xdm to allow national language support in lxde desktop (thx Blaze for bug report)
- updated graphics stack: libdrm, xf86-video-ati, xf86-video-intel and xf86-video-nouveau (packages compiled from sources by me, not present in slackware-current)
- obsolete \'nv\' driver is replaced by \'nouveau\' on Nvidia GPUs - thanks tonio. (For 3D acceleration you still need to use official Nvidia driver)
- added \'BLACKLIST-nouveau.conf\' to /etc/modprobe.d so nouveau driver wont be loaded by default when official Nvidia binary driver is used.
- added xdg-utils (Blaze89 suggestion)
- removed following packages: fribidi, glew, glib-1, gtk+-1, imlib, libXTrap, libXevie, libXprintAppUtil, libXprintUtil, libXxf86dga, libexif, libidl, librsvg, libwmf, openldap, xaw3d, xdpyinfo, xev, xf86-video-nv, xf86-video-radeonhd, xgamma, xinput, xmodmap, xrefresh, xvidtune, xwininfo

6) 003-kde
- updated all non-kde packages to slackware-current
- brand new icon theme for KDE (thanks Blaze)
- modified desktop shortcuts so they can be used under lxde as well
- kmdr-editor was removed by Tomas M from 003-desktop so i deleted \'.desktop\' file from it (wont be shown in kmenu anymore)
- disabled tip box on startup of konsole (JMan request)
- removed \'numlock led on\' during boot as it\'s causing more bad than good things

- updated all non-kde packages (thanks to tonio for new cdrtools package) to slackware-current
- brand new icon theme for KDE (thanks again Blaze!)
- mplayer is patched for vdpau, vaapi and multithread support, added required deps: libvdpau, libva, xvba-video, and vdpau-video packages
- removed ctorrent and gpart packages - not maintained in slackware anymore, also kuickshow as it uses ancient gtk-1x and glib-1x libraries
- added \'extract to..\' konqueror servicemenu to 004-kdeapps (thanks to JMan)

- updated to slackware-current
- added System.map in /usr/src/linux (bour59 request)
- added libtool - needed by many packages to compile them from sources
- downgraded make package to version from remix-v07 to avoid compilation issues

7) 007-firefox+flash
- updated flashplayer to version 10.1
- updated firefox to version 3.6.8
- ff startup page points to slax.org/forum.php
- added flashblock addon

- 2.6.35 kernel brings \'invisible mouse pointer\' issue on intel 82852/855GM GPU so all affected users will have to use kernel from v07 release.
- due to newest libpng-1.4.x package you need to link qt-based applications against older libpng-1.2x during compilation:

rm /usr/lib/libpng.la
ln -s /usr/lib/libpng12.la /usr/lib/libpng.la

- there are some Polish entries in KMenu which appeared when Fathom was trying to fix missing lxde icons. fixed in Service-Pack-1
- users with non HD Amd/ati cards may notice regression in 3D performance in v08 release due to Kernel Mode Setting which is enabled by default. if you care about 3D stuff then just disable KMS as described in FAQ answer 6.
- t-bit is missing (again). fixed in Service-Pack-1
- slax-remix version is showed incorrectly in /etc/issue and /etc/slax-version files. fixed in Service-Pack-1

Thanks to Fathom for his work in pushing SLAX Linux to the bleeding edge of operating system technology!

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