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Here is the list of postings I have written on extending WiFi and getting higher WiFi throughput. High gain WiFi antennas, 4G WiFi hotspots, and wireless bridges are the tools you use to enjoy better WiFi connectivity.

Basics of Long Range Wireless Networking
4G WiFi Router Instead of Wifi Extender
4G WiFi Hotspot Instead of Wifi Extender
EnGenius EnStationAC WiFi Bridge
Wifi 6 Upgrade: TP Link Deco X90
Wifi 6 Upgrade: Netgear Orbi RBK852 Whole Home Mesh WiFi
Linear Focus Parabolic WiFi Atenna
High Gain WiFi Dish Antenna
High Gain Helical WiFi Atenna
High Gain Yagi WiFi Atenna
High Power Wireless Adapters
Wi Fi Extender Antenna for Routers
Belkin F5D7050 External WiFi Atenna
Linksys WUSB54GC External Antenna Mod
Compat Wireless Linux Drivers
Installing WPA_Supplicant for Wi-Fi Security
Linux Wireless Interface Driver Updates
Linux Wireless Interface Driver Support
NetworkManager and Consolekit
RT73 Wireless Drivers for Linux Kernel 2.6.27+
RT2860 Wireless Drivers for Linux Kernel 2.6.27+
Man in the Middle Wireless Security Risks
Wireless Security and Surveillance

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