Long Range Wi Fi Antennas

Broadband wi fi networking is an aspect of radio that I find quite fascinating. With the right equipment, a low power signal can not only travel far but also provide excellent broadband connectivity. Antenna projects shown in on this site offer advantages to anyone seeking better performance of their 802.11 wireless network. If you are looking for a wi fi booster or wi fi extender, think more of the wi fi antenna as the first means of getting more distant connections. For a particular distance, a better wi fi antenna will enable faster broadband.

Any of the wi fi antenna projects shown here will provide longer range, lower required power for any data rate, and increased privacy (lower sidelobe radiation). If your network must penetrate concrete walls, runs from one building to another, or covers a large outdoor area, plan to use a high gain wi fi antenna at BOTH ends. Access points and clients must both support their ends of the communications link.

For very long range wi fi links, use a short helical, yagi, or biquad antenna mounted at the focus of a parabolic reflector. Wi fi dish antennas offer the highest possible gain and longest connection range. There are high power wi fi boosters advertised for very long range connections, but a high gain antenna is the first thing needed.

High Power Wi Fi is also an option for maximum range. High power wi fi extenders are more expensive and more delicate than run-of-the-mill wireless devices, but a solid 30 dbm signal will penetrate walls in a building or connect at very long distances. A good match is a high powered wi fi adapter on the computer paired with a high powered access point (both with high gain antennas).

Bear in mind that beyond a distance of 3 km, throughput may begin to decrease due to the ACK timeout setting of the access point. ACK timing must be optimized for longer distances - especially over links covering dozens of kilometers.

Some articles to read that will raise your expectations of wifi performance:

Also, note that large antennas are not always the best for providing connectivity to a large and/or remote area. Wi-Fi mesh networking and mobile telephone ad hoc mesh networking can enable people to connect peer-to-peer without reliance on much infrastructure. Here is where users make the network, and it can function well in times of civil unrest or natural disaster.

High Gain Helical Wi Fi Antenna, long range wi-fi helical antenna

High Gain Helical Wi Fi Antenna

Offset Parabolic Reflector wi fi antenna, long range wi-fi dish antenna, huge wi-fi dish antenna

Long Range Wifi Dish Antenna

Yagi Wifi Antenna, long range wi-fi antenna, huge wi-fi antenna, yagi wireless router antenna, wi-fi-router antenna

High Gain Yagi Wi fi Antennas
of 15 and 20 Elements!

High Gain Wifi router Antenna, long range wi-fi router antenna, wireless router antenna

Long Distance Wireless Router Antenna

F5D7050 External Antenna Modification, f5d7050 antenna mod, long range wi-fi antenna, usb wireless antenna

F5D7050 External Antenna

WUSB54GC External Antenna Modification, WUSB54GC antenna mod, long range wi-fi antenna, usb wireless antenna

WUSB54GC External Antenna

High Gain Wifi security, wi-fi encryption, wpa better than wep for wi-fi security

If you can see more of them,
more of them can see you!

Linear Focus Parabolic Wi-fi Antenna, long range parabolic wi-fi antenna

Linear Focus Parabolic Wifi Antenna

Linux wireless drivers and bluetooth drivers

Linux Wireless Drivers

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