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Windows Performance Enhancement Tips

When considering computer operating systems, they can be compared to automobiles. There are the luxurious ones that come with all of the nice features, a good paint job, and tech support to do it all for you (Apple Macintosh). Then, on the other end, is the fully customized model requiring your selection of everything from the engine cylinders to transmission, seats, and widow glass. You can make a fantastic racing machine if you understand the technical aspects (GNU / Linux). Then there is the middle ground, where there are pretty roadsters with fair performance, fair tech support, and parts that are hard to modify or replace. That last description applies to Microsoft Windows. It is sold as a "jack of all trades" (and master of none) system.

The good news for Windows users is that some parts of the system can be adjusted for better use of the available hardware. Resource hogging services can be disabled, and other parts of the system can be accelerated so that a computer with Windows can run quite quickly AND efficiently for specific kinds of tasks. In this section of the website, there are guides for stripping down and tuning up Windows 7 and Windows Vista for best performance. Out of the box, in its default state, Windows has rather mediocre performance. Memory usage, storage device settings, services, and other factors can be optimized in less than an hour. The end result is a better, faster Windows. Use the guides listed below and enjoy faster booting, longer battery and SSD lifetimes, and much better overall operation of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


Windows 7 Speed Tweaks

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Windows 7 Solid State Drive Setup

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