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Yes, you can indeed enjoy super responsive and fast computing on your Windows PC or workstation. I write quite a bit in these pages about Linux, but most of my friends and family use Microsoft Windows. Here are the things I have found and used to help them run in a clean, lean, fast computing environment.


Windows 10 Debloating in 2021. Use free software to remove bloaty programs which are a burden on your computer. After removing bloat, Windows 10 performs very niceley! The only catch is that it may take a couple of hours for the process to complete.

Boost Windows 10 Performance with a CPU Upgrade. Recent advances in CPU technology have brought incredible speed to PCs. In some cases, you can get a new CPU which can drop into the same socket on the motherboard. Older computers may benefit from upgraded processors or perhaps an upgraded motherboard with both CPU and RAM upgrades.

Boost Windows 10 Performance with a RAM Upgrade. Even if you keep your current CPU, adding more RAM helps the computer work faster. Especially if editing multimedia files or working with large databases. Web browsing with many open tabs requires plenty of RAM (and will bog down computers lacking RAM).

Windows 7 Speed Tweaks

Windows 7 Solid State Drive Setup

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