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Welcome to the intersection of radio, computing, and just a bit of aviation. Here, there is insightful and sometimes incisive content, but rarely a dull moment. I even lay down some thick and chewy opinions on current events. Put on your safety harness and roll on in...

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I Write Handbooks (and ebooks too)!

How theocrats are using state power to (again) outlaw abortion and infringe on your privacy and due process rights:

Get farther, stronger and faster wifi with the antenna projects in this book:

A fun photobook for your coffee table, featuring the incredible antenna structures of the Deep Space Network:

If you want effective tips for getting better grades in school or certification tests, order the study handbook:
Get more out your RTL-SDR Aviation monitoring with this handbook:

A photobook portraying scenes from the flight deck as a jetliner pilot roams the world:

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